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Published December 2015

Looking your best is a prerequisite for success. Whether you're in the boardroom or on the scene in a nightclub, the notion of dressing your best applies to everyone regardless of stature. There is a misconception however that fashion is the reserve of tall guys with an athletic build. Look at the runway of any fashion show for confirmation. What this generally means is that men with other body types are left in the cold to rely on tailors and in-store alterations in order get their fashion fix. Short men, like everybody else come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the best dressed men in history have been short and rather stocky, for example, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and the Duke of Windsor (all 5'6).


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As we can all attest, for a short guy, finding clothes that fit can be quite challenging with problems ranging from pants that are just too long to suits with hanging shoulders. If you are short with a larger frame, you need to pay close attention to your style to avoid finding yourself in a serious fashion faux pas. What you wear is largely informed by your stature. Here are a few tips to get you looking sharp and stylish.


No Go Zones

First and most importantly, remember that you are not everybody else, and thus do not need to follow fashion fads, trends and celebrity looks. That said, there's nothing wrong with borrowing some ideas and making them your own.


Fashion For Short Men: Beware Of Big Clothing | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Clothes Shouldn't Be Big Or Loose | ShortGuyCentral

Alter A Good Fit! Beware Of Clothes That Fit Too Loose | Source: Just Jared, Black Vibes


Stay clear of loose fitting clothes, especially suits. Baggy clothes do not cover over aspects of your body that you do not find flattering, they do the opposite. Jackets with long sleeves that hang below your wrist create a perception of clumsiness and untidiness. A short hefty guy in a baggy suit can create the "Kid-in-his father’s-suit" kind of look; a definite no go zone (as would a tall guy in a suit that fit too small).

The same applies for the other end of the spectrum, tight fitting pants and shirts are also not flattering, this applies especially to skinny’ fit trousers which will make you look boyish and too young (not in a good way).


Fashion Dos

When it comes to style for short men, the cliché is true; less is always more. Seek a simple uncluttered style, avoid big, bold patterns and stripes because they will look cramped on your frame. If you happen to be wearing a patterned article, tone it down with solid colors.

Find clothes that contour your body but don’t cling to it.


Fashion For Short Men: Short & Stocky | ShortGuyCentral  Fashion For Short Men: Short & Stocky | ShortGuyCentral

Cedric The Entertainer & Jack Black Wear Custom Contoured Suits | Source: Elton Anderson, Fandango


Truth be told we could all use a longer leg line. So if you have some weight in the midsection, wear your pants on the waist as high as possible. This will allow the trouser to drape over your midsection as opposed to waistbands that are low-slung and force flesh to hang over. 

Wear suspenders instead of belts which divide your frame in half resulting in a crowded visual impression. (Most hefty men also find suspenders much more comfortable than belts anyway.)


Short guys, if you desire to look stylish and dashing, you probably should get accustomed to altering the clothes you purchase. Most clothes that fit at the waist are too long, pants the right length are too narrow and the list goes on.


Fashion For Short Men: Suspenders Are Better Than Belts | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Suspenders Work Better Than Belts

For Large Men, Suspenders Are A Better Choice | Source: Big Satorialist, Pinterest


I cannot emphasize this enough; make friends with a very good trusted tailor and be consistent, good tailors generally learn your body type pretty quickly and will be able to alter your clothes perfectly every time. Take your time before you select a tailor and ensure he really gets your frame because your reputation will literally be in his arms.

Here are the guidelines when it comes to alterations;

For shirts and jackets: pick a shirt whose shoulders, chest and neck fit you comfortably, it is easier for your tailor to adjust sleeves and the midsection with the alterations being almost imperceptible.

Pants; The crotch, seat and thighs should be a perfect fit as they are very hard to alter. Your tailor can take care of the length as well as the waist with ease.

All is however not doom and gloom; there are brands that cater specifically to shorter men. This includes; Jax Everett and Peter Manning. Though more expensive, shopping these brands will eliminate the burden of ill fitting clothes and the cost of having clothes altered to fit your body type. 


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It is a complete lie that short men cannot have style and dress to impress (with a little help of course). At the end of the day, it is about you loving the way you look. Check yourself out in the mirror and ask yourself, "How do I look and feel?" It is really pointless to look stylish and fashionable while you squirm in discomfort. Be who you are, try out these tips and look your best!


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