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Short Kingz offers both free and paid e-Books for your viewing pleasure. Download and check out some of our texts today! Short Kingz is 100% committed to motivating shorter guys around the world to be the best version of themselves and then some. We offer and are creating e-Books on all sorts of topics so be sure to download them today!




Want To Become A Confident And Successful Short Man?


Introducing our new free eBook, "Become A Confident Short Man: 10 Steps That Will Help You Begin Kicking Ass In Life"!


How To Become A Confident Short Man eBook | ShortGuyCentral

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Most "Confidence Advice" Given To Short Men Miss The Point


Most eBooks and Guides written for us give ineffective and even negligent advice such as "Act Tall", "Dress Tall", and "Stand Tall". Notice a pattern? They all fail to address the root cause of our many unique obstacles - the failure to challenge and ultimately prevail over society's bias against short men. The result? Frustration and stagnation. If you're ready to start winning in life, then this guide is for you!




"This guide changed my attitude. I now feel like I'm in total control.
People are more drawn to me and I make sure I'm respected."

Jeff Scott (5'6), Attorney

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Imagine Feeling Like You Could Take On The World Every Day! 


Watch how ShortGuyCentral founder Harold Everton shows you how to begin taking what society incorrectly perceives to be a deficit and turn it into an unarguable advantage. Turn the system on its head as you become more assertive and flush out negativity while commanding the respect of your peers, raising your market value and enhancing your overall attractiveness.   



The Time To Become A Better You Is Now!


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