Why A Slim Wallet Should Be On Your Short List

Why A Slim Wallet Should Be On Your Short List


By Harold Everton

Published February 2018

That bulge in your pocket isn't what she thinks it is and depending on where it is, it might just not be that sexy. I am not a fan of clutter. Perhaps I was in my college dorm room days, but nowadays I am a minimalist to a tee. I'd rather have a few things that make a bold and meaningful statement, than a bunch of things which take up space. Your wallet should be no different.


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As men, we carry our wallets with us just about everywhere. If you live in New York City like myself, then that wallet is not in your back pocket. When I was younger, I carried my life in there, now it's just the bare essentials. Your wallet does not have to look like a Middle School student's locker! Here I will convince you to dump your photo album sized pocket purse for something sleeker, modern and most importantly slim.

Here are a few reasons why slim is better


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1. Forces You To Be Selective

Ever see someone pull out their wallet and have cards and important papers fallout as they grab what they need from it? Or wallets that end up looking overstuffed manilla folders?

Imagine going to the checkout line of some department store and wading through endless items to find your debit card. Sure you'll be angry, but so will the 20 people behind you. Don't be that guy.

A slim wallet won't be able to hold many items, so what you need will always be in easy reach.


2. Battle Of The Bulge Over

For those back pocket warriors, large wallets will make you look like you have a third cheek or worse yet will make you a prime target for pickpockets. I knew a guy who fell asleep on the subway and woke up to a hole cut in the right from pocket area of his pants. He was one of those guys who carried his life in his pocket.

Imagine sitting on a large wallet. Not very comfortable sounding is it? A slim wallet will make sitting for long periods of time more comfortable and if you prefer keeping your wallet in your front pocket, you'll have more room for other stuff. 


Slim Wallets To Notice

I will admit that I always look for deals which have a balance between price and quality, so here I will list my three favorite sim wallets along with pictures in price order. All of these are wallets that I've used and loved (obviously, otherwise why recommend them?).


1. Alpine Swiss Slim

The Swiss and the word precision almost always go hand in hand. This slim wallet caught my attention because of its looks, price and praised quality in reviews. 


Slim Wallets: Alpine Swiss | ShortGuyCentral Slim Wallets: Alpine Swiss | ShortGuyCentral


Easy and simple is the theme here. Grainy leather is what you'll find on the exterior. One side contains three slots which lets you store your debit, credit and business cards. The other side has a plastic cover for the picture or the identification of your choice. A slim pocket line down the middle is where you can store your cash and receipts. You don't walk with cash do you? Even if you did, it won't be much. 


2. Elivebuy Minimalist Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

This wallet screams "smooth". Made of slick looking carbon fiber and sporting an unbelievable cool factor in terms of appearance, this slim contraption gives you tons of space in a tiny form factor.

A money clip on the back of the keeps small amounts of cash ready to go without having to dip your fingers inside. Everything else goes into the wallet's mid compartment which expands with elastic bands on four sides with each item added. From business to debit cards, all items are easily accessible via a small dip in the upper left hand side of this modern accessory. Don't try to store coins or other small items. Since it uses elastic bands rather than sealed compartments like traditional wallets, it means that anything smaller than a standard business or credit card will fall out. Minimalist indeed.


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3. Humei Deabolar Slim Wallet

A classic bi-fold wallet with under-the-fold compartments on each side and a classic end to end two pocket mid section to hold your cash and other frequently used items. The exterior is covered in grainy leather and feels smooth to the touch. Each fold holds up to four to six cards with the right side harboring a picture ID window.


Fashion For Short Men: Humei Debolar Slim Wallet | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Huemi Slim Wallet | ShortGuyCentral


This wallet is about as plain as it gets, but looks über professional and gets the job done. Whip this out on a business trip or networking function and observers will get the impression that you are no-nonsense. It is slim, but holds quite a bit. Plain in appearance, but stylish with the right choice of threads. At under $12, you can't go wrong.


4. Forest & Harold Minimalist Slim Wallet

Save the best for last? "Best" is subjective, but this last wallet has the best of all the characterstics of all of the wallets we've discussed so far. The attention to detail is astounding. Sleek and plain, threading which pops out and an embossed logo. That's it. 

At 4 ¼" by 2 ¾" this wallet is the true definition of slim and small fitting comfortably in your back or side pocket. No bulges here. A stainless steel money clip compliments the modern look and keeps your cash in place. There is enough room for seven cards and a picture ID. Aside from the stats of the wallet, the line "comfortably accommodates all your man-stuff, letting you save all the bulking up for your biceps" sold me on it. $30 well spent.


Wrap Up

The slim wallet parade doesn't stop here. There are plenty more to choose from. The ones above are my favorites at this time. I hope I've convinced you to at least dip your toes into the slim wallet pool. You won't regret it unless your a hoarder. I am convinced that after going the minimalist wallet route that I won't return to those pocket balloons any time soon. 

What is your favorite kind of wallet? Let us at ShortGuyCentral know below in the comments!


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