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Wish to reach our audience with your products or items in our Marketplace Forum? Participation in our Marketplace is free, but posting requires memberships. Our Basic membership is available at no cost while other tiers allow for more capabilities. Select the membership that is right from one of the options below!


Post Classifieds

Up To 1 Open Posts

1 Carousel Pics

No Bumping

No highlighted & Bold titles

No pictures/videos in classified



Post Classifieds

Up To 3 Open Posts

5 Carousel Pics

Bump Posts once every 3 days

Highlighted titles

No pictures/videos in classified

$10 For 7 Days


Post Classifieds

Up To 5 Open Posts

Unlimited Carousel Pics

Bump Posts once every 2 days

Highlighted & Bold titles

Pictures and videos in classified

$25 For 30 Days

All Short Kingz Members - King Ca$h And How It Works

Short Kingz rewards its members for participating in our community with points called "King Ca$h". Every time a member posts or reacts to a post, they receive one increment of King Ca$h. Whenever a member reacts positively reacts to your posts, you will also receive an increment. Members can lose points if they receive negative reactions to their posts or get warnings for unacceptable behavior. In the future, KingCash will be redeemable as a means to customize profiles or to get some other cool stuff. For now, rack up KingCa$h and stand with Short Kingz!

How Do I Get King Ca$h?
React To Posts!
Start & Reply To Threads!
How Do I Lose King Ca$h?
Behave badly!
Receive Negative Reactions To Your Posts!

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