About Short Kingz

About ShortKingz

ShortKingz is the world's first and largest online community for short men and those who show love to them. On our site you can find a plethora of current news articles, commentary and product reviews, all of which are relevant to short guys in some way. Additionally, we have a burgeoning forum, shop and celebrity gallery. While the site focuses on strategies for the success of short men in all aspects of their lives, all are welcome and encouraged to participate.

What Is Short?

While it may be subjective, ShortKingz considers short for a man as being under 5'9. Shortness is of course relative depending on the average height of your area. In most Western Countries, under 5'9 would satisfy this description. That said, anyone and everyone, tall, short and in between are encouraged to participate in this community. 

What Is Appropriate?

ShortKingz is an SFW community, and in all circumstances, its content should reflect that. Free speech is encouraged, but common sense should be employed. Trolling, scamming, and unlawful activity of any kind will not be tolerated and can result in banning, a fine, legal pursuit or turning information to relevant authorities. ShortKingz reserves the right to moderate its content with or without notice for the safety of its members and its own objectives.


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