Why Every Short Man Should Own A Large Face Watch


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Published December 2015

Watches are the icing on the cake for just about any outfit. Depending on the make and model, color choice and type of material on the face and strap, the right watch can add another layer of aesthetic to your getup and say a lot about you. For many, it's one of the first things people will notice when sizing your sense of style up. If you take a look at many women in the nightclub scene or those going out casual fun during the day, their outfits are laden with a multitude of accessories from earrings and nail tips down to rings for every finger. My ex girlfriend had a closet full of accessories. She even had one of those hanging jewelry organizers and separated each of her accessories by category, color, type of material and even weight. Us men have fewer socially acceptable accessory choices. For us, it's our shoes, watch, a necklace depending on the outfit and maybe a tie clip and cufflinks. 


Why A Large Face?

It can be summed up in three words, "they stand out", especially on a short guy. Regular sized watches are all fun and dandy, but nothing accents an outfit well like a large face watch. Whether you move your arms in any direction (like when you're walking) or even if they're idle, all of the attention will immediately shift to your wrist. While I'd say a guy should own at least five different so they could wear a different one for every day of the work week, you could get away with two good ones. 


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In this article we will show you three large face watches, all of which retail for less than $150. One of them even sells for less than $40! For our readers shorter than 5'7, we'd say to look up a few places in your downtown area that will adjust watch links or watch straps so they fit perfectly. Anyway, gentleman, the watches we're talking about in this article are the following:


Fossil JR1390 Nate Leather Watch


Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral



This watch is by Fossil. It has a thick genuine leather strap in a maple brown color. The face is a egg nog cream. The contrast of the numbers on the face against the cream makes for a striking appearance in a way plain white just wouldn't do. Paired up with a suit and brown shoes or a pair of jeans and cream kicks, this will large face watch compliment an outfit so much, whatever you have on the watch which surely get more attention. I recommend this watch because of its versatility. The model is JR1390 and retails for $149 on Amazon.

In case you were wondering what the outfit might look like when part of an outfit


Fashion For Short Men: Outfit To Go WithThe Fossil JR1390 | ShortGuyCentral

Shirt | Pants | Watch


Note the silver metal around the circumference of the watch face and watch buckle. If your belts have silver buckles, this would be ideal.


Fossil FS4358 Gunmetal-Tone Stainless Steel Watch


Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral 



Another watch by Fossil. This particular watch has lots of luster. A shiny stainless steel watch, this goes with just about any outfit where dark colors are dominant. The navy blue face makes screams "professional" suggesting you're all about business. While this piece works well with casual wear, it really comes to life with a suit or button down shirt and trouser combo. The watch is a little heavy and has a linked band which means you may have to remove some to get it to fit perfectly. I recommend the watch because it's the kind of watch you need to have to round out dressy outfits. The model is the FS3458. It's similar cousin, the FS4778 is available on Amazon and retails for $155

Here is an outfit that better suits the first watch we discussed. Note the contrast of dark and light in the outfit. A nice trench coat and some blue socks with patterns on it would really make this pop. As mentioned, this picture features the JR1390, but if you switched this with blue trousers instead of khaki colored ones, the FS3458 would work just as well. 


Fashion For Short Men: Outfit To Go WithThe Fossil FS4358 | ShortGuyCentral

Coat | Pants | Shirt | Watch


Note that for this to work, it'd be best to wear a brown belt to match the leather strap. The cream of the watch compliments the khaki colored trousers quite well.


Kenneth Cole Unlisted UL1245


Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral

 Kenneth Cole UL1425 Watch (Similar)


Fashionistas looking for a lower cost alternative to the Fossil watches described above should take a look at Kenneth Cole's Unlisted line. The one featured here is the UL1245 model located on the extreme right. Though of a cheaper build, you still get a nice looking large face watch. This particular one is similar to the Fossil JR1390 watch, but it featured encased in a gold rather than silver. You can definitely feel the difference in terms of weight and the leather strap is thin. You can of course switch straps at any place that services watches if you're looking for a more rugged and durable band. 

These three watches would serve as a great springboard to any watch collection. Remember, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a stylish watch. We mentioned Kenneth Cole's Unlisted line as a way to save, but Macy's frequently has on sale watches in the $20-$30 range that would work well with plenty of fashion choices. Just be sure that you understand that you get what you pay for. There is a start difference between "looks nice" and "looks amazing and is built to last".


There's Something For Everybody

Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Large Face Watches | ShortGuyCentral

There was a time when it used to be hard to find a stylish contemporary large face watch, but now they are plenty of options on the market. Here are some of our favorites. These are SGC endorsed. All watches are $150 or less.


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Do you own any large face watches? What is your favorite brand? If you had to get rid of all but three, which ones would pick? Answer by commenting on this article. We'd love to hear what you have to say when it comes to watches of the larger variety and why you chose those specific ones. 


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