2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Short Men


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Published December 2015

It's that time of year again! Everyone who wasn't being nice for the last eleven months is all of a sudden kissing up. Decorations are going up all over the place, chatter is brewing about which employees are going to get a little bit too happy at this year's company party, and online shopping is happening at a feverish pace during work hours when the boss isn't looking. That's right, the holiday season is upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or El Dia De Los Tres Reyes all the way in January, gifting is a part of the process. Don't be that one person who shows up somewhere empty handed. 


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If you're at a loss for ideas our gift guide may help you get the perfect modest gift for even the pickiest person. Keep in mind that this site does caters to men on the shorter side. While many of the items presented here will work for gentleman of all sizes, this handpicked list was made with that special short guy in your life in mind. 

Be sure to browse the entire list. You might get a hug, a kiss, or an even better gift in return! Don't get ahead of yourself though. Remember this is the season for giving, not receiving. In any case, without further adieu, here is our 2015 Short Guy Central Gift Guide!


1. The Bag He Needs

Fashion For Short Men: 2015 Holiday Gift Ideas | ShortGuyCentral

While men don't obsess over having a bag in every style and color to match every single outfit the way women notoriously do, every man does need a few purposeful bags which are appropriate for specific occasions. He'll be proud to own them and will sport them regularly. These bags fall generally fall into three categories: Laptop Bags (these include briefcases and messenger bags), Book Bags and Gym Bags (these include duffle bags and weekend bags). Having at least two of these bag types will be enough to satisfy most men. Here area few recommendations each with adjustable straps making them perfect for the short guy: 


Laptop Bags

Book Bags

Duffle Bags


2. The Perfect Cologne

Fashion For Short Men: 2015 Gift Guide | ShortGuyCentralBe careful with this one. Men are very particular with their colognes, but we think these fragrances will please even the most discriminating nose and get those around him to take notice and pay homage.. umm, we mean, give compliments. These range from recognizable brands to a few surprising.


3. Because He Has To Be Pristine Fashion For Short Men: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide | ShortGuyCentral

Beards may be in the in-thing now with beard washes and beard trimmers all the rage, but even before beards made their re-entry into what's fashionable since well, the 19th century, keeping yourself looking pristine required the best of grooming tools. Here are a few must-have affordable items that should be in any man's look great/feel great tool kit.


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4. Keep Him Current & Creative

Fashion For Short Men: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The sheer amount of capable tech that has been crammed into a small space over the last couple of years is unbelievable. Whether he is trying to pen the latest top 40 hit, listen to his music on the go, or create the hottest app ever to come to market, these items should get those creative juices flowing.


5. Keep Him Dressed Well

We would not want you to settle on this part. What good are all of these gift items if the recipient isn't dressed well to begin with. All of the accessories and gifts in the world won't do a great job of presenting the whole package if the core components aren't taken care of. Here we will include quality articles of clothing that have been designed just for the short guy who refuses to settle for less and wants the perfect or close-to-perfect fit. 


We'll leave gift cards off of this list because we're sure you know where you can get those, and they are fabulous gifts by the way. If you know what their favorite clothing or tech store is, then get them a gift card for that establishment. Remember, it's the thought that counts and remembering what someone likes shows that you care immensely. 

In any case, thanks for reading this list, and thanks even more for supporting Short Guy Central! We wish you a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate and hope you continue to frequent this site in the new year!


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