Casual Winter Style For Short Men

Casual Winter Style For Short Men


By Guest

Published January 2016

Contrary to popular belief, us men have a myriad of options when it comes to winter fashion. Between the many textures and patterns as well as all of the shades of the more "masculine" colors available for all garments, we can come up with some pretty awesome presentations. For this piece, I will go over one of the more casual outfits that I recently put together just in time for the early winter by chance. Believe me when I say, you can "clean up well" in a pair of jeans, sneakers and a great jacket. You just have to know where to look, and if you're a short man, you have to be very particular about where you shop.


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First the jacket. I was scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed when I came across a Sponsored Amazon post for casual winter jacket from some company I never heard of called "Want Do". Really? "Want Do"? Whatever. I was enthralled with its simplicity, it's fit on the model I saw in the post and the pattern on the inside of the jacket. The fabric is 100% cotton with polyester in the lining. It has a chest zipper on the left and roomy pockets on the inside. Sizes are one smaller than US standard sizes, so if you are a US Large, pickup an XL. The moment I saw it, I wanted it and looked it up immediately. Rarely am I thirsty for an article of clothing, though I wasn't the only one. The post has over 10,000 likes! What do you think?


Fashion For Short Men: Winter Outfit Ideas | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Winter Outfit Ideas | ShortGuyCentral


Underneath is a button down from H&M. They have a series called "Premium Cotton" that sells for a little more than their "Easy Iron" series. They start at $39.99. The texture feels great to the touch and they can take a beating in the washing machine. I generally dry clean my clothes, but with these, I can wash and dry them and they'll last. The shirt has a blue and white cross pattern with red added to the collar. All of the shirts in the Premium Cotton series look and feel like they should cost way more. 

The jeans are from Macy's own INC line. It is the Slim Straight variety. I wear a 30 inseam, but did see that they had Inseams down to a 28. The jeans are loose around the thighs but slope inward for that modern tapered feel. They don't drape over the outsides of your footwear and at the right size gives makes for a contemporary look. I was a Guess jeans fanatic, but find that the INC makes for a great lower cost alternative. The jeans were $49, but are on sale regularly. they come in different colors and shades. The ones I have on here go perfectly with the shirt and provide a nice contrast with the green jacket. 


Fashion For Short Men: Winter Macys Denim, Belts & H&M Shirt | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Winter Want Do Jacket, H&M Scarf | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Winter Kenneth Cole Backpack, Nike Premiers | ShortGuyCentral


The footwear are classic Nike Premiers. I loved white soles and the classic white Nike swoosh. I've owned plenty of standard white Air Force Ones, but never liked the black version. These Premiers served as a nice alternative. The white ones I used to own looked even better. The swoosh here is Matte. The scarf is another H&M Gem. It's thin, wool and navy. This year, H&M has a nice scarf collection of dark colors. The scarf matches the navy blue of the jeans and shirt. The watch is my trusty Fossil JR1390. It's large faced, has a stainless steel band and makes the whole outfit pop. The bag is a Kenneth Cole twill convertible backpack. it has a leathery appearance, tote handles and can fit laptops up to 15". The straps can be concealed. It was given to me as a gift. I haven't used backpacks regularly since High School (a long time ago), but I can't stop wearing it now and prefer it to my laptop bags, briefcases and messenger bags.


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Fashion For Short Men: Winter Casual Ideas | ShortGuyCentral Fashion For Short Men: Winter Outfit Ideas | ShortGuyCentral


This outfit is perfect for shooting photos in the field, doing day hang-outs with friends, day-cations or for a night out to catch the latest flick. Share your thoughts on this outfit! How would you change this up to look better or work for you?


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