Indochino Made To Measure Suit Review

Indochino Made To Measure Suit Review


By Harold Everton

Published March 2017

I kept coming across ads from Indochino every time I'd log into Facebook. Always accompanied by seemingly perfect photos, their ads would always peak my curiosity. I've owned plenty of suits over the years, but rarely ventured into the Made To Measure (MTM) category because of skepticism on my behalf. A blazer off the rack from one of the Mass Retailers or visit to neighborhood boutiques with tailors on staff would always do. You get what you pay for however and with similar pricing, you'd without a doubt go a little further with custom made options, especially if the print is as quality as they claim. With that mindset, I decided to give Indochino a chance. Because they were confident I'd become a fan, they offered to send me a suit to review. I warned them I'd be critical when appropriate. Let's see how things went. 


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MTM clothing is called so because your clothes are machine cut from measurements you send to the clothier - a perfect option for short men looking for clothes with a near perfect fit. Indochino gives you two options to accomplish this. You can either send your measurements through their online portal, or drop by one of their global showrooms to get measured in person. As I live in New York, I opted to go in for a professional fitting. I wanted to get the fit right the first time. 


Indochino New York City Showroom | ShortGuyCentral

Indochino's Showroom In Soho, New York City


After getting all of the measurements done (more on the whole process below), employers told me that I had to wait three weeks to receive my suit. Sure enough three weeks later, I did receive my package. Here is what it looked like:

Indochino Suit Box & Bag | ShortGuyCentral

When Your Indochino Suit Arrives, It Will Be Packaged Like This


The suit is made from high quality Merino wool. Indochino claims this fabric is breathable and light, keeps moisture from the body and works well in all climates. I wore this in pretty cold weather (for New York City anyway) and it performed just fine. Does the suit fit perfectly? Just about. There are some micro adjustments which need to be made, but nothing that couldn't be taken care of by a local tailor.


Indochino Midnight Shadow Houndstooth Suit Needs Adjustments | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral

MTM Suits, However Precise May Still Need Some Fine Tuning
[ Tie ]


Indochino claims that any adjustments post-order of up to $75 are on the house. Want to take it to your local tailor? Just send them your receipt and you get a check in the mail. As long as the alterations do not exceed $75, you're covered. The thought of micro-adjustments were still a bit annoying as I got measured in-house. It would have made more sense if this occurred after self-measuring and sending them my estimates via their online portal. 

What were some of these "micro-adjustments"?

  • The right pant leg was a little more snug than the left causing it to scrunch up a bit
  • The blazer could use a slight "taking-in" at the mid-section for a tighter contoured fit (personal preference)
  • The blazer sleeves could use a shortening of about a 1/4" for cuff exposure (again, personal preference).

Aside from these minor quibbles, I absolutely love this suit. For one, when you walk into Indochino, you'll be absolutely floored with the number of personalization options you have at your fingertips; particularly if you are new to the world of MTM and custom made clothing. Best yet, they're all complimentary!


Indochino Midnight Shadow Houndstooth Suit | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral Indochino Midnight Shadow Houndstooth Suit | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral

The Midnight Shadow Houndstooth Suit Front And Side Views
Shoes | Watch ]


Aside from the run of the mill measurements (to which there are 15 of them - neck, shoulders, biceps, arm, wrist, torso, chest, stomach, waist, to name a few), you get to choose whether you want your blazer to be double breasted, one button, two button or three button. You can choose between peak, notch and slim notch lapels. You can go with pocket flaps, no-pocket, slanted or slim slanted flaps. 


Indochino MTM Suit Monogram | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral

Indochino Will Add A Monogram To Inside Of Your Blazer On-The-House


Check out my monogram. Aside from choosing the color of the lining in different areas of the blazer (I chose light gray so it would "pop" when I open the jacket), I was able to top if off with a monogram of my name (also light gray). You can choose to have anything inscribed, all on the house! Nice touch!

Overall, my suit had these stats:

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • One button double vented jacket
  • 275 gsm all-weather fabric
  • Slim notch lapels
  • Gray blazer lining with gray monogram
  • Non functional sleeve buttonholes
  • Non functional pockets
  • Flat front pants, no cuffs

How could I forget the color? The suit is called "Midnight Shadow Houndstooth". As you already know, "Houndstooth" is a duotone pattern. The hue is a rich dark blue. A lot of my suits are in the black, grey, and tan varieties. I own fewer blue suits because I am extremely picky with the shade.


Indochino Suit And H&M Top Coat | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral

Indochino Suit With An H&M Top Coat
[ Coat ]


I loved how the suit contrasted with the sky blue shirt that the model wore in the photo on their website and was pleased to see the actual hue and pattern in the showroom matched what I saw on the site. This shade goes extremely well with black and silver accessories. You can see my sterling silver tie clip and silver and black Invicta watch. Ditto on the black shoes with the alligator print on the throat line by Stacy Adams. 

Worth A Recommendation?

Nitpicking aside, I love this suit, no doubt about it. While I am hip to custom clothiers, Indochino got me hooked. Outside of blazers to go with jeans and casual outfits, I can't imagine someone buying suits off the rack ever again after going through this process.


Indochino Showroom Selection | Harold Everton | ShortGuyCentral

Indochino Showroom In Soho, New York City


With the majority of their prices in the sub $1000 range and down to $299 for clearance items, if you can afford just one good suit, Indochino deserves your attention. Is the suit perfect? No. No suit will be perfect. Remember, even with my experience of being measured in person, there were some minor issues. 


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That said, the amount of customization, their alteration guarantee and painstaking attention to detail made my whole experience a complete win. Most importantly, the fabrics, variety and modern styling is what makes the Indochino brand stand out from its competitors, all of which will make you look like you paid a lot more than you did for your shiny threads.


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