5 Most Productive Short Men Of 2017

5 Most Productive Short Men Of 2017


By Harold Everton

Published November 2017

As It doesn't matter which part of the globe you're on. If you've been awake for even one day during the last eleven months, then you have felt the impact the following five men have made in their respective fields. At the very least, you've heard their names. They are hitting grand slams, filling up stadiums with their vocal prowess, knocking out men larger who've challenged them and testing the limits of wordplay in the English language. 


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In this piece, we are going to celebrate some of the most productive short men of seventeenth year of the second millennium. 


1. Floyd "Money" Mayweather

Love him or hate him, his record is indisputable. Coaxed into coming out of retirement because of a loudmouthed but formidable Irish fighter, 5'7 Mayweather trained for months to go up against what seemed to the world a man who might actually give him a man for his money - Connor McGregor.


Floyd Mayweather 50-0 Undisputed Boxing Champion | ShortGuyCentral

Mayweather Can Now Brag About A 50-0 Record | ShortGuyCentral


Boxing fans scoffed at the idea recognizing that while McGregor was one of if not the top MMA fighter in the world, Boxing is just a different sport requiring a certain skill set and discipline which couldn't be developed in one earth rotation. Still McGregor insisted and poked fun at Mayweather's stature (though there was a one inch difference between the two), alleged illiteracy, age and fashion choices. 


Technical Knockout Mayweather vs McGregor | ShortGuyCentral

Mayweather Won Against McGregor In A Technical Knockout | Source: Getty Images


Then came the match. 10 rounds and Mayweather delivered with a Technical Knockout. McGregor just couldn't keep up, even with some of his illegal moves. Floyd left 100 million dollars richer and with a shiny 50-0 record. 


2. Jose Altuve

Rated Major League Baseball's batting champion three years in a row and now with a World Series ring in tow as of this writing, Altuve is one of the most respected players in Baseball. 


Jose Altuve 2017 World Series | ShortGuyCentral

Jose Altuve 2017 World Series | Credit: David J Phillip. Associated Press


In 2014, he became the first player in eight decades to reach 130 hits and the first Houston Astro to win a batting title. In 2015, he won three silver slugger awards and a Rawlings Golden Glove. This year, he's been the recipient of the July AL Player Of The Month Award,  Hank Aaron award, Lou Gehrig award and recorded as the fifth player since 1947 to hit four consecutive 200 hit seasons. 


Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge | ShortGuyCentral

5'6 Jose Altuve Next To 6'7 Aaron Judge. David Did Beat Goliath | Source: MLB


With a .career best 346 average., 204 hits, 24 home runs, 32 stolen bases and a World Series ring, Altuve was fittingly awarded Major League Player Of The Year for 2017 and signed on for the 2018 season for 6 Million. Not bad for a 27 year old. A lot of people thought the Astros would never pass the Yankees or the Dodgers, but history says different and Altuve had a lot to do with that.


3. The Weeknd

To think that someone could go from sitting on their couch uploading YouTube videos one afternoon and then becoming a dominant force in a music the next day. While that might be a page from the Bieber files, the Weeknd has a similar coming to life story. While his last album was dropped in 2016, it was this year that he was able to pick up Double Platinum bragging rights. That's right, two million albums sold. Not easy to do in the "free" download era.


The Weeknd R&B Artist Extraordinaire | ShortGuyCentral

The Weeknd Is R&B's Man Of The Hour | ShortGuyCentral


The 5'6 crooner who claims to have been influenced by Prince and Michael Jackson has been touring extensively around the globe since January of this year (2017) to promote his 2016 album "Starboy". Prior to that stretch, he released a 12 minute short film titled "M A N I A" featuring songs from the album and enjoyed mostly positive reviews about his most recent musical efforts from print media. In February he performed at the Grammys with band Daft Punk.


Weeknd Celebrates Another Grammy Win | ShortGuyCentral

The Weeknd Celebrates Another Grammy Win | Source: Getty Images


Considered one of the most prolific R&B artists of the 2010s, the Weeknd musical talents and strong work ethic should keep him in the spotlight for years to come.


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4. Bruno Mars

The 5'4 musical genius and often quoted by critics as one of the most influential artists of this generation, the Hawaiian born musical prodigy has the Super Bowl, Grammys and a handful of Platinum selling albums under his belt. His 2015 Uptown Funk smashed records snagging 2 Billion YouTube views making it the fifth most viewed YouTube video of all time. The same song also spent 14 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Charts. Here in 2017, Mars has not slowed down one bit.


Bruno Mars Performing | ShortGuyCentral

Bruno Mars Has Been Touring Extensively Around The World In 2017 | Source: Getty Images


In addition to being on tour since March of this year, the compact crooner is getting his own primetime special at the Apollo later on this month (November 2017). We've covered Bruno Mars numerous times because his talent is enormous and personality filled with humility.


Bruno Mars Winning Awards | ShortGuyCentral

Bruno Mars Has Been Winning Award After Award | ShortGuyCentral


In an era where everyone is in front of a laptop, Mars plays several instruments at the professional level, has a three octave voice and is no stranger to music technology. It's like yesterday's best mixed with today's convenience. 


5. Jeff Bezos

Move over Bill Gates. If you asked anyone alive in the last 25 years who the richest man alive was, the man who made Microsoft a household name would have been at the top of your list. While others have battled him for the title (Carlos Slim comes to mind), 5'7 Mr. Amazon himself has now wrestled that title away. Who would've seen this coming? The answer is anyone with common sense.


Jeff Bezos - World's Richest Man | ShortGuyCentral

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (5'7) Is The World's Richest Man | Photo Credit: Wesley Mann


With as many dollars as there are miles from here to the Sun (he is literally worth 93.7 Billion USD at this time of writing), his acquisition of Whole Foods, testing out of Drone Deliveries, punching up of Cyber Mondays and who can forget Amazon Prime has made purchasing products more fun and convenient than walking into a brick and mortar. On Amazon, you can literally find almost anything, and get it right away.


Jeff Bezos Is On Top Of His Game | ShortGuyCentral

Jeff Bezos Showing Off Two New Mobile Devices | Source: Getty Images


Founded in 1995 and originally based in his garage, as of 2017 Amazon is the fourth most valuable public company in the world and boasts five successful subsidiaries. 


Contrary to what studies may have you believe, height as we already know does not have to be a barrier to success. Despite what the naysayers may believe, talent is talent, and if you've got it, flaunt it, develop it and pursue it. These guys didn't let society's current perspective inhibit their potential and neither should you. Let's see what 2018 holds!


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