In 2023, NYC made height discrimination illegal

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In 2023, NYC made height discrimination illegal
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In 2023 NYC Made Height Discrimination Illegal | Law | Short King | Short Kingz

In 2023, both height and weight were added to the list of protected classes as it pertains to employment in New York City.

You can read more about the new statue on the NYC government web page here


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Re: In 2023, NYC made height discrimination illegal
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This one was a long time coming. I noticed this immediately when it popped up in our annual mandatory harassment training webinar a few weeks ago. 

Though it wasn't codified yet, I've seen a few people over the years, mostly men get taken into the dreaded HR office after making jokes at a fat woman's expense. This was never equal across the board though, because I've seen executives and line-employees alike laugh off jokes made at a man's expense.

In the name of equality, this is a win-win.