Casual Summer Style For Short Men

Casual Summer Style For Short Men


By Harold Everton

Published July 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with the Summer. For one, when I worked in Education, it meant a few weeks off. That's love. The fact that I live in the Northeast and have to put up with oppressive humidity and at least two or three heat waves over the twelve weeks of the season? That's hate. I wouldn't live anywhere else though. Even if you don't travel, there are tons of things to do here in New York City. 


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If you're like me and like to update your wardrobe a tiny bit every season, then is a great time to do it. With Summer in full swing with just about a month left, deals are to be found everywhere. Here I am going to show you some items I purchased in regular department stores which left my wallet feeling happy. No empty stomach. Just a light burp. 


Where To Go?

My first choice was H&M just because I know I can find great deals there and since a lot of Department Stores are getting ready to stock Fall items, going to H&M was a no-brainer. When I walked in, this is what I saw:


 Summer Style For Short Men: Sandals In H&M | ShortGuyCentral Summer Style For Short Men: Shirts At H&M | ShortGuyCentral

H&M - Their Short Sleeve Shirt And Sandal Collections | ShortGuyCentral


I detest wearing Sandals ("Chanclas" as I like to call them), but since they're so popular, I decided to see if I could pull off an outfit with them on and still look and feel great. H&M had several pairs and the beige ones with brown straps, from size 6 all the way to 13. I'm a Size 1. I trusted that they'd fit, took them home and what do you know? They fit! They were comfortable too!


Summer Style For Short Men: Sandals/Chanclas | ShortGuyCentral



Over here in New York City, people wear Sandals with just about anything, and I mean anything. I wanted to make this look as fashionable and dressy as possible, so I could go out feeling comfortable, but be taken seriously; like a professional on vacation (which I am).


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Their Premium Cotton short sleeve button downs caught my attention. They are a light strong cotton. Light Blue always works with my skin tone, so I picked up one of those. 


Summer Style For Short Men: Casual Formal Look | ShortGuyCentral Summer Style For Short Men: Casual Formal Look | ShortGuyCentral

Shirt | Shorts | Hat | Watch


Keeping with the dress casual look, I made sure to stay away from Denim shorts. They had Chino shorts in just about every color all going for $20. I figured I couldn't go wrong with Gray. A cool black fedora hat with a black band around it rounded out the outfit which cost just $9. All together, my outfit was less than $50. Not bad at all. 


Making Plaid Work

Plaid is just about everywhere again at about the same magnitude as it was during its 90s heyday. Thankfully, the plaid shirts available are not only available in the spongy, lint-attracting variety that was around during my teens. I noticed a lot of men were wearing plaid shirts with the sleeves rolled up and decided to try to pull off that look myself, albeit with dress casual and grown up in mind. 


Summer Style For Short Men: Express For Men Plaid Shirts | ShortGuyCentral Summer Style For Short Men: Express For Men Chino Shorts | ShortGuyCentral

Express For Men Had A Huge Selection Of Plaid Shirts And Chino Shorts | ShortGuyCentral


Express For Men has great quality clothing and since I was familiar with their Fitted MX line, I went there to do my Plaid hunting as I knew I'd find a thin but strong cotton plaid shirt. This time I went for a navy blue theme.


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I found a great looking shirt with grays and whites. A size small was tight on me, but showed off my pecks when standing upright. It squeezed my biceps however. To match, I picked up some Navy Blue Chinos. On Amazon, I was able to track down some Kenneth Cole boat shoes.


Summer Style For Short Men On A Budget: Express For Men Plaid And Chinos | ShortGuyCentral Summer Style For Short Men On A Budget: Express Plaid And Chinos | ShortGuyCentral

Shirt | Shorts | Shoes


It's best to wear those with no show socks. The last thing you want to do is make your new shoes smelly! These I also found on Amazon. I'm sure I could've found them in Macy's or some other department store, but I didn't feel tracking these things down. While I support Brick and Mortars, I like the convenience of doing my research and ordering in the same place. 


Summer Style For Short Men On A Budget: Fossil FS4358 | ShortGuyCentral

The Fossil FS4358 Watch (Similar) | ShortGuyCentral


To round out the outfit, I wore a Fossil FS4358 Stainless Steel Navy Blue big face watch. I'm not a fan of small face watches and it accented the outfit nicely. Again, I wanted to a comfortable but somewhat dressy outfit. 


Get Out There While You Can!

While we are technically in the middle of summer, Labor Day is just a few weeks away. Now is the time to search through discount apps like Groupon, Living Social and Yipit or subscribe with your favorite Brick And Mortars to get coupons and other promotions to keep your closet current and wallet happy.


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Stores will soon start clearing their inventory to make way for boots, scarves, gloves and jackets. I'd love to hear about some of your own summer outfit ideas, whether it be casual, street or formal. 


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