Equality is a losing battle.

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Equality is a losing battle.
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So one of the things that i've noted through the past many years is the battle between gender equality.
I fully support equality, how ever its a shame that people tend to take it as a buffet. Since im a guy i almost only notice it from mens perspective.
And at least in my eyes men are far better than women are when this topic is brought up.

However, the way i see, and how the world is trying to create equality for women is by beating men down, while elevating women.
two examples of this;


- Danish soccer team.

Mens Danish soccer team is a joke and they rarely qualify for any major tournament.
However the womens soccerteam accomplished a 2nd place in the EM.
But ever since the quarter finals, the news and soccer-related channels took thors hammer and hit the mens team in the head, insulting, saying that they are worthless compared to women, and all in all just humiliated the *bleep* out of them.
On the contrary they commended the female team, saying how much better they were, and complained that they didnt recieved as much attention as the men did.
In the news they even brought up the economi and begged for more money On open tv ..

There are millions of ways to handle womens sports to be more popular, but humiliating men and begging for money for the women is in my opinion the most cruel thing listen to. Not only on the tv, but the social media aswell.
If women sports is entertaining noone will care rather if the round things are under the chin or waist.



One thing that actually bothers me, is the netflix categories. When you are trying to scroll through new shows to watch and it brings up suggestions and categories.
Once in a while there are not only 1 but 2 categories that catches my attention
"Shows with strong female characters"
"Shows with leading female roles"

Why even have it that way .. If the show is good, i dont care who is in it.
The problem is that, far majority of shows with female leading roles are segmentet for women.
And a lot of them are just not very good?


Angry section

As i said i support equality if its done right. If women just start taking responsebility and initiative. Leadership and equal rights is not given but earned.

They complain about men, but they are the ones who rather wanna be guided than lead.
If they want equality they should'nt expect a man to pay for their bill, they should'nt wait for men to take initiative. They should feel abused during sex when they expect to be pulled in the hair - slapped with almighty power in the ass - choked - getting it very very hard - expect the guy to be over-dominating - and do no work at all.
And yet they expect a saying when they rather want a father-daughter relationship.
Like wtf??



This is just a mare fraction of the problem at hand. and i could write about it all day, overfloating the forum with this.

But what do you guys think?



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