If women are lonely, it's only because men are shallow.

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If women are lonely, it's only because men are shallow.
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Whenever I see articles about older women discussing dating such as on sites like XOJane or DatingOverThirty on Reddit you'll see a bunch of women discussing how much of a hardship dating is and how they struggle to find a quality man. A lot of them men passing them up for younger women. These women consider themselves high quality.

The interesting thing is that you'll never see anyone talk about how it must be because of their personality, or calling them entitled. You never see some woman named Bianca saying how she is 78 years old and is able to attract men because she is confident.

Nope, it's because Men are shallow indecision


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Re: If women are lonely, it's only because men are shallow.
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This is kinda of a long debate. There are multiple sides to it.
Men are shallow in many instance, but the thing is. So are women, and in my experience far more than men are. Women tend to "overscore" pulling men that are far more attractive then they are, at least when they are younger.

A small example that might make sense to you.
Socially men are the one to take initative, start a conversation, decide where the conversation is going and so on .. And all the woman has to do, is to put on some mascara, doesnt even matter how good looking she is.

If go back to the classic scale 1-10 where 10 being the hottest.
A woman that is a 6 will get a bunch inquiries from men on the scale from 1-8
As anybody else, she will choose the best looking, most status and fame.
That means that a woman that is a 6 can easily get an 8.
But that also means that the guys who are a 6 might only get a 4, and those who are a 4 might only get a 2 or 3.
You can imagine it as applying for a job.
The woman is the employer and the men are the employee. The employer will always chose the overqualified over the others.

These are the typical women that tend to go for looks, and the trashy guys so to speak.
They have a hard time finding the perfect guy cause they are so hard to satisfy and lose interest quickly in a guy, these are the kind of women that never grows up and stay at the age of 21 if they are 36.
Now when they get older and their looks are decaying, they still think they look the same, and are entitled to men who are at the top of the foodchain, complete unaware that in that age, dating values change from attractiveness to succes and life control.

It comes as no suprise that the men, that these type of women are dating, value looks and youth more, and therefor finds someone who still have some years of primetime.

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