Just turned 40. This is it.

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Re: Just turned 40. This is it.
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Originally posted by marshal


Originally posted by AnotherPhase

On the other hand, the divorces and related financial hits that my friends have experienced I have been protected from, all because women don't find me attractive enough to want to partner with.

It's like my experience. I'm not sure if i would address my height as a reason for having no family or
should i be more concern about my luck? Anyhow, I'm happy now, hard days are over and I am in a less need for a partner. I prefer to spend
my time doing my hobbies and that's like a lot of hobbies I can't get enough time almost always.

 My experience tells me that almost every woman who smiles at my smiles is looking for a financial supporter and she looks back as me she is out of shape with no intention to lose weight and on some other occasions she's looking for more money to get divorce later and join her dreamy man on an easier path. Women don't see
us as a man unless they pass the golden years of youth, so we are not good targets unless we provide money, power and luxury.

You will never be a man in their sights and maybe in a really good situation you will be a cute boy, so what do you expect from a woman who is surrounded by horny tall guys ?
You are so wrong if you think about being confident and being short would do the trick, that definitely doesn't work. It's a myth. We all know.
On the other hand life is not about being married and making children, life is about having fun and being happy.
You make your life.

Exactly this. I can't seem to ever get enough time for my hobbies.

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