Kendrick Lamar

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Famous Short Men
Kendrick Lamar
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Famous Short Men | Kendrick Lamar | Short Kingz | Short King | Photo Credit: Christian San Jose/UMG

Kendrick Lamar
American Musician, Entertainer, Actor, Rapper
Height: 5ft5
Photo Credit: Christian San Jose/Top Dawg Entertainment/UMG

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Re: Kendrick Lamar
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Perhaps one of the few rappers in the current day who actually has lyrical content that is inspiring and worth listening to (most of his music). It's almost as if he's an old soul. Definitely a short king!

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Re: Kendrick Lamar
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I'd say this height is spot-on for Kendrick Lamar. I went to an autograph signing three years ago and he was about two inches taller than me.