The best invention ever for short men

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The best invention ever for short men
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I came across this a few weeks ago and wanted to share this. For all of you who complain about altering pants or are too lazy to get it done, there is this group on Kickstarter who set up a campaign to fund their RipClips invention. Basically, it is a magnetic clip that automatically hems the pants your desired length by clipping the ends of the cuff to the inside of the pants. The result is a clean cut look that won't unfold and drag on the ground. 


The campaign is over, but you can contact them at their website to order or check out their Kickstarter page. They raised $2000 more than their goal a few months ago, so the item should be in production. It doesn't automatically literally hem your pants, but you could use it for the purpose I just mentioned. Even if you got your pants hemmed, it is a great item to protect the bottom ends of your jeans.


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Re: The best invention ever for short men
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These seem more to just make sure the bottoms of your pants don't drag across the floor and rip. They're nice but I think I'd still have to alter my pants.

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