Will Short Guys Being Cucked Be A Given For Marriage 3.0

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Re: Will Short Guys Being Cucked Be A Given For Marriage 3.0
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Just to add something positive into the mix:

I'm 5'4" and my wife is 5'2"  We have been happily married (yes, some struggles, just like everybody on the planet) for 31 years.  Our kids are happy, well-adjusted, productive, normal people-- two happily married, one engaged.  We've never even thought about cheating on each other.  She married me for my witty humor, integrity, ambition, and zest for life, knowing full well she was also taking on someone who had height issues.  (I will admit I have never been glad about being short.) She didn't want to be intimidated by a tall guy, and she found my compact build sexy. All I'm saying here is that if you are looking for a happy marriage, base it on mutual love and respect, and honor, and personality, and similar religious/moral beliefs; then height is secondary.  With the right woman, a short guy can indeed have a happy marriage.  I treasure her.