Wow @ this reddit post about being ditched on a date because of height

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Wow @ this reddit post about being ditched on a date because of height
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This is a post from reddit. I'll link it below the copied/pasted text from the post:

Random girl found me on FB...

I'm a musician and she claimed to be "super into music" so I took her to see Chevelle at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park NY.

Her first words to me after meeting in person were "Wow...I didn't think you were that short!"

(I'm 5'6", she's looked to be 5'3"-5'4")

So we hang out at the bar for the opening acts and it's clear to me that she's not interested by the way she's throwing back shots and blabbering on about how hot the bouncer was...

"Seriously...Did you see his muscles?!"

Me: Yea...He's a big guy...

"He's gotta be at least 6'4"!"

Me: Most likely...

"I would let him do whatever he wants to me!"

Me: Seems like the kinda guy who would end up raping someone.

"You can't rape the willing"

Chevelle goes on and she's into it, but tells me she's going to the bathroom and disappears...

Concert's over and she's nowhere to be found...

I'm texting her and she finally gets back to me..

"Hey...I met this other guy outside and he offered to let me stay at his house...You probably think I'm a real bitch but I can't settle for someone I know I can do better than...I'm sure you'll find someone eventually wink"

That was 2014 and I haven't been on a date since

On a positive note, Chevelle put on an amazing show!

You literally can't make stuff like this up. The reddit post is here: here

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Re: Wow @ this reddit post about being ditched on a date because of height
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Its the worst feeling in the world!

There have been countless stories like this one. I my self have a few somewhat similar stories.

The worst part is, that she prolly didnt have anything to offer anyways, so maybe a good thing he didnt get anywhere with her.


Altho' Something like that will knock you out for a life.

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