Five Short Guy Celebrities Who Dress With Swag


By Short Kingz

Published June 2015

I often get tired of reading blogs and articles where writers suggest or urge people to find ways to dress taller. What does that mean exactly? No amount of horizontal stripes or fitted pants will make a guy look taller than he is. You are who you are. The best thing to do is find clothes that fit your body. That’s right. Like any other gentleman, knowing your measurements is key to find clothes that highlight your physical features be it your swollen pecks from working out, or your slender frame if you’re on the thin side. With the exception of lifts in movies, rarely do I see Hollywood’s finest trying to “appear” taller; and there is no need for it. Rather, we see them dressing their best and working with what they have. In this article, I wanted to share who I feel are some of Hollywood’s best dressed short celebrities who because of their style choices, appear to exude massive fashion sense and confidence.



The Cuban Rapper is known for performing in custom suits and when off stage, dawning fitted blazers, crisp jeans and button down shits with the top collar open. He is one of the few rappers who consistently dresses to impress without anyone questioning his street credibility. This was almost impossible even ten years ago when the dress code for people in his music genre were baggy street clothes, bandanas and sneakers or boots. Standing at 5’7 Pitbull may not be as lyrically gifted as other rappers, but he bleeds confidence, knows how to make people move on the dance floor and has women crushing on his all over the globe.


Jonah Hill

The former pudgy actor turned weight loss veteran has turned up his style by way of trendy clothing. The funny man has been lighting up the big screen for almost a decade now. Despite a slip up with an offensive slur last year, the actor remains popular and a favorite for the likes of many late night talk show hosts. He has recently given up his curls and flannel shirts for a slicked back look along with custom suits, sometimes with plaid blazers, skinny ties and fitted trousers. A 5’6 man credited with sharp wit and a gift for gab, Hill’s confidence is sky high and his fashion sense right up there with it.


Rapper and Actor T.I. is the one credited for injecting class into Hip-Hop dress style and making it a respected fashion staple rather than a novelty item occasionally shown in music video scenes. The 5’6 master lyricist is widely known for his music and his VH1 Reality TV series featuring his vocalist wife Tiny. Frequently displayed sipping on champagne in music videos and speaking to today’s youth (in part due to some run ins with the law), you can find T.I. sporting some of the finest custom made suits. On the flip side, he celebrates his main music genre’s fashion tradition of wearing the latest footwear, fitted jeans, fitted hats and expensive jewelry.

Bruno Mars

Wait, this article isn’t about who has the best hair in Hollywood. That said, Bruno Mars has been demolishing the stages for a little over half a decade now. At awards shows and on the red carpet, he kills it in terms of style. The master crooner can be found rocking three piece suits 1970s style hipster leather jackets with gold chains, fedora hats and occasionally 1990s styled flannel shirts with a fitted cut. His ability to switch between a classy and urban is a huge part of his appeal to the masses. Bruno Mars stands at 5’4. That’s 64 inches of talent and awesomeness.

Marc Anthony

The current master of Salsa was born way back in 1968, has been in the music business for close to thirty years, was married to three women before settling with his current wife, all of who were rated some of the most beautiful in the world, has five awesome kids, a popular clothing line at Century 21 stores and is as popular now as he was when he dropped his first landmark salsa album back in the late 1990s. Marc Anthony knows style like no other. Frequently spotted in trendy jet black patent leather shoes of various shapes, custom suits, bomber jackets, the best looking scarves, and fancy shirts which seem to be impossible to find just about anywhere. You can bet that he spends a pretty penny on a stylist and he’s getting his money’s worth.


For what it is worth, this is by no means a complete list of short men who possess swagg. From Kanye West to Aziz Ansari, this list could have spanned tens of pages. These particular celebrities were chosen because of their career impact in 2015, visibility, willingness to dress to impress, and their influence on fashion trends. Be it selling out shows or having one or several clothing lines, the men mentioned in this article are currently on top of their game and are looked up to by many, even if in this case looking up to them requires looking down. 

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