Five Goals Every Short Man Should Have

Five Goals Every Short Man Should Have


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Published December 2015

As the year comes to a close, many of you are probably reflecting on your accomplishments and pondering any lessons learned from your failures. What's certain is that all of you want to start the new year off right and along with that comes those famous New Year's resolutions that we make every year. Some of you already have a lengthy list prepared while others probably know when and why they're going to break them. What we all know is, keep it short and practical - and research backs this up. Having a shorter list of goals that are realistic will not only mean that you have a better chance at knocking them out, but that short list can serve as a spring board to catapult you into reaching secondary targets. 


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What does this have to do with being a short man? Well, like men of all heights, we should constantly aspire to a better version of ourselves. The person we are today should be miles ahead of where we were last year. If the off-chance exists that you haven't set any goals yet (shame on you!), we have a list resolutions that should find its way onto your own agenda for 2016.


1. Get Fit

And we mean it. If you live any decent sized city, there are going to be a plethora of gyms at an arm's reach and these days, basic memberships are less than a fraction of your average utility bill. Here in New York City, Blink has a "gray" membership that allows single location for $20/Month. That's just one of many plans that exists for the dozen's of gym chains that exist. You know how packed gyms get on January 2nd. One fitness trainer at 24 Hr Fitness said, "All of these resolution-ers will be outta here by Mid-February". Don't be that guy.



Mike From Six Pack Shortcuts Is 5'7. You Can Do It Too! | Source: YouTube


There is nothing like having people compliment you on your physique. While I don't have the frame of a bodybuilder, having a toned body with just enough muscle to alter the shape of the shirts I put on and abs which pop out is enough that others do take notice. It isn't about the women and everyone else though. though. Being in top shape, or in least in-shape (not just "a" shape), keeps you full of energy, releases stress, helps with flexibility and can even increase your stamina in the bedroom. You should not be out of breath after running for just a block or two. 


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What if your schedule doesn't permit you to hit the machines? You could go to a place like Modell's Sporting Goods and pick up free weights for the house, get off a few bus stops before your job or park your car further and walk to and from work every day, do push ups, sit-ups and stretches when you get out of bed in the morning, or just browse the thousands of videos on YouTube that can give you so quick exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Mike of the famous Six Pack Shortcuts YouTube channel is about 5'7 himself. If you're able-bodied, there is literally no excuse to not want to be decent shape. 


2. Better Manage Your Finances

This is a no-brainer. Have debt? Pay it off as aggressively as you can. This means cutting out all unnecessary spending, having a monthly expense account and putting money away that you never or rarely touch. It's common knowledge that certain long term debts will have a negative impact on your credit rating, and more importantly, who wants to feel like they're being choked? 

Let's face it, being short on cash means you're probably going out less and less able to do the things you enjoy as frequently as you'd like. I'm sure that every time you go out on a first date, your lady jumps with excitement to take care of that bill huh? You see where we're going with this. If you're having that much trouble saving money, or making enough, there are solutions for you.



There Are Dozens Of Apps That Will Help You Save Money | Source: YouTube


Acorns is an app that allows you to round up all of the purchases made with your debit card. It takes these "round-ups" and puts it in a special account that is then invested in the stock market. With four portfolio settings, you can watch your money grow over time. Keep in mind that investing in the stock market is always risky. That said, I invested $250 in August and ended up with $1300 by December. Sure it's not viral video money, but it's cheddar I didn't have before. 

Have Talents or Skills you're underusing? Check out websites like Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour that will allow you to use a global platform to sell services. If you can translate, sing, proofread, write, illustrate or do web design, you will find people who will pay you for your talents! Of course these sites charge fees per transaction, but hey, it's beats applying for a second job.


3. Spruce Up Your Wardobe

We've done and will continue to do stories on how to dress your best in the Fashion section of our site. You know the old adage - Look great, feel great. If you're under 5'9, you know the challenges that can exist to get clothes that fit great. It's 2016 now, so there are no excuses. There are tons of designers now who cater to the short guy demographic online. If you're looking for shirts that fit proportionally, designers like Jaden Lam, Ash & Anvil, Peter Manning, For the Fit and now The Modest Man have shirts which get all of the details right - perfect sleeve length, bottoms which hover above the crotch and tails that don't hang too low.


Fashion For Short Men: Your Clothes Should Fit! | ShortGuyCentral

Search For Clothes Made To Fit Your Body | Source: Huffington Post


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Rather stick to the rack? H&M, J. Crew, Express, The Gap, Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole have fitted shirts all the way down to the XXS size, while Uniqlo will alter jeans and pants on the premises. Either way, you should know the number to a good tailor, or learn how to do alterations on your own. Whatever your style is, get clothes that fit. Browse the many fashion articles here on Short Guy Central and stay tuned for our own upcoming Alteration series. Great fashion sense will make you stand out in a good way. Personally, my own past girlfriends and the girlfriends of my short male friends always say something along the lines of, "there's something about him....", followed by some version of, "the way he dresses" etc. 


4. Eat Healthier

If you're nearing or over 30, you probably remember  a time where you could shove just about anything that was non-toxic down your throat and have a great outcome. That's most likely no longer the case. While, we won't suggest that you stick to a rice cake and water diet, being conscious of what you eat and taking a few seconds to look at the ingredients of what you eat will do wonders for your health. Ever watch that video on YouTube where the guy boils Coca-Cola to see what happens? Check that out and reconsider your soda consumption.



Sure Coca Cola Tastes Good, But Don't Overdo It! | Source: YouTube


Calm down with the sugar intake, watch your salts, cut down on red meats, cut down on the fats and try your hardest to stay away from the junk food. Do eat the organic stuff, increase the amount greens you eat and substitute fruits for sweets wherever you can. A friend of mine lives in an economically depressed portion of the South Bronx and laments at the fact that corner stores who sell cheap junk food continues to outsell produce stands who sell healthier foods for the same price. Leave the dollar pack of Twinkies in the vending machine and opt for four bananas instead. 

Visit the many health blogs that exist online or consult with a licensed nutritionist or dietician. The absence of a good diet makes the other items presented on this list so far pointless. After having a friend have four toes amputated at 32 (diabetes) and another suffering a heart attack at 34 (hypertension), it saddens me to know that both situations could have been prevented if these individuals had watched their diets. 


5. Self-Assurance

Notice how I didn't use the dreaded "C" word. Being self-assured comes from being confident in your own abilities, skills, intelligence, talents and everything that you have to offer (doh! used the word!). It comes from tuning out negative noise, taking pride in your accomplishments, owning your failures and knowing that you can achieve excellence with constant and consistent self-improvement. Let's be honest, height is just one of many aspects about us that people will attempt to criticize, but that should never be a reason to let your thirst for success or furthering your own (positive) agenda wither.


Short Men: Humility Does Not Mean Thinking Less Of Yourself | ShortGuyCentral

Humility Does Not Mean Downplaying Your Strengths | Source: Quotes


This also means possessing a willingness to interact with others frequently and walk outside of your comfort zone. Doing this will help alleviate social anxiety over time. Whether we're talking about making new friends, meeting women or acing that job interview, the ability to naturally maintain your frame and be respectfully assertive in even the most uncomfortable of situations will show observers that you are confident in your own abilities, are able to set boundaries and have a rock solid disposition down your core. In other words, you know your own worth, and believe me, that is infectious. Women you're interested in and other people will take notice, even ones who don't like you. Whether you're 5'5 or 6'5, you can't win 'em all.

This brings us back to Self-Assurance. While being humble is an important quality, humility does not mean that you should play down your strengths for fear of being called cocky or conceited. Playing down your pluses suggests an inner insecurity as too much emphasis is being placed on what other people think. If you are truly self-assured, then it is possible to let everyone in the room know that you are proud of your accomplishments without coming off as a blowhard. 


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You have 366 new blank pages to write one of the best books ever written (it is a leap year after all). By setting small and realistic goals, and by being perseverant, your 2016 can surely be a best seller. These goals here while pretty generic are sure enough to get you off to a great start. 


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