Community and Acceptance when short

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Community and Acceptance when short
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I hope to find a group of people who uderstand what it's like, since that is absent in my real life. I spent years telling myself I wasnt treated differently, and it was all in my head, but I was right. Others noticed. So looking back at it, I knew at a young age hieght discrimination was a thing, I just refused to accept it. Memories burned into my mind have shaped the angry and depressed person I am. Best example was in middle school. Girl comes up to me unprovoked in shop class and starts making fun of my hieght. I knew she was in foster care, so when I'd had enough, I told her to stop being a bitch and her mother might come back. She flew into a rage and punched me in the face. Only when I told her if she swung at me again, itd be on did the teacher intervene. I was the only one who got in trouble. Was what I said harsh? Sure. I'll admit that. But was hitting me in retaliation a reasonable response? Hell no. And the principle told me she had free reigh to hit me if I said anything about her mom again. That molded me into the broken person I am today. Honestly, and no offense, but other short guys are worse than average or tall people, as I can only imagine empathy is overpowered by the joy of not being 'the short one'. I isolate myself because I'm sick of the double standards and bullshit I deal with, and if I do anything other than laugh I'm an *bleep*. I don't fit in, figuratively and literally. How do you guys handle it? Go out into the world and know you're the only acceptable target? I've been through counseling, therapy, and meds, and every time I end up the same way; tired of people's *bleep* and withdrawn from the society that rejects me and I crave acceptance in. Sorry for word wall, I just want to know how people who deal with similar life stories go on.

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