Disrespectful bosses who lie

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Disrespectful bosses who lie
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Can any explain to me how to proceed in improving a work relationship with a boss who constantly disrespects you and gives no feedback on job performance. I have a big feeling this has to do with be being 5'5 because I don't see this kind of behavior with other employees

1) He gives assignments but never gives me pointers or guides me when I ask how to best complete a task. He just looks for updates in bi-weekly meetings

2) He sometimes will assign my work to another employee without telling me. I may be in the middle of completing something just to find out my work was a futile attempt.

3) When he sees I am frustrated he tells me how great of an employee I am and how the store would be a mess if I left

4) Several colleagues received raises a few months ago and rarely work as hard as I do. When I asked him about a raise he said to be patient. This while several new employees were hired, a game room was built in the back offices and our kitchen received an upgrade

I am maintaining a good disposition throughout this and am documenting everything on my laptop. I would like to transfer to another store but my company isn't having this. How do I get through to a boss who is behaving like a coward and is showing outright disrespect. 

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Re: Disrespectful bosses who lie
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Why do you still work for this chump? You can see that your boss doesn't respect you. I'd start looking for a job now and leave the minute you get it. Make sure you continue to document everything. 

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Re: Disrespectful bosses who lie
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You are no indentured servant. Take those talents you have elsewhere. 


Competent leaders will not allow their workers to be mistreated and will value the skills of the employees. If it has been like this for some time, then I fear it will not change for the better anytime soon.