Ever met someone weird on a dating site?

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ever met someone weird on a dating site?
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When it comes to dating sites, there are chances of meeting the weird ones. So, have you ever met or talked to a crazy person on dating site? If so, what happened? What did you two talk about? 

I'll let you in on a girl I started chatting with a while back, we don't chat anymore mind you, but when we chatted it seemed very odd. I was very attracted to her and we got to chatting about stuff, and she started to talk about animated movies. I don't mind young souls, but she was seriously about cartoons and actually was attracted to a cartoon character from some movie called Turbo. Anyways, we stopped chatting because she acted way too young. Her pictures showed an older woman, but she clearly didn't act like one. 


Any weird stories of your ow?

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Re: ever met someone weird on a dating site?
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You're lucky that you received a response at all seeing as many of our short brethren complain about the lack of responses on dating sites. It's okay to have standards when it comes to who you interact with, but why not give her a chance assuming you're still talking to her?


The one story I have is that I went on a date and the woman lied about her age by about 10 years. She put pictures up from 10-20 years ago and used instagram filters to make the pictures look current. Then she complained about my height! I didn't even lie about my height on my profile!


That date didn't end well!!!!

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