How did you fit in during college?

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How did you fit in during college?
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I am a 5'3 guy. I am maybe a 9/10 in the face and am ripped but not stocky or muscular. I guess you could say an athletic build. I love video games, politics and history. I also love skateboarding, biking and paintball. I am getting ready to go to college and was wondering if there are any other guys under 5'4 that were able to be a part of the in-crowd, didn't deal with bullying and managed to just fit in.


Any tips or stories?

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Re: How did you fit in during college?
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I fit in with all of the popular guys in college. Everyone called me MOUSE. I received my share of jokes, but was a hit with women, aced all of my classes and was in student government. I was even head of my Solar Energy commission. I ran against a taller candidate and won! Just be yourself!