How do you build confidence?

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How do you build confidence?
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I came across this site while on Twitter. There are a ton of PUA and dating forums, but I came here because its for short guys like myself. First thanks for having a site like this! 


Whenever I go to clubs or lounges I freak out and stammer when talking to women. Sometimes I may score a phone number but my friends say I don't have confidence. How do I start conversations with women and be smooth at the same time?  I love being short honestly so I have no problem with that but know that it could be a double whammy that I try to talk to a woman stammer and be short.


Do you have any tips that could help me out?

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Re: How do you build confidence?
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That depends on what you mean by confidence. If you're talking about the kind of "confidence" people say you need to have in the face of heightism, then don't take that seriously. 


If we're talking about general confidence, it means being comfortable with yourself and letting insults roll off. You won't care what anyone thinks if they're not important to you. You know you're the shizzle and you exude those thoughts in your actions. It is not easy to have that disposition. It's something that's learned over time. When you're confident, you never care what the outcome is if how you get there isn't important.