Short and proud

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short and proud
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I'm new here and found this place through reddit. I am one of the few who doesn't give a rat's bottom about being short and am proud of who I am. I've been playing guitar since I was a teenager. I am 29 now. I am really freaking good at it too. I play lead guitar in an adult contemporary band and when I do shows I literally have women waiting for me after my shows and guys asking me to show them how to play some riffs. I don't like r/short becuase there are too many negative pitty party Nancys on there constantly down on themselves for being a short stuff.


Look I'm only 5'5. I make $100K at my day job and play some clubs at nights just for my own enjoyment and I get paid for it too. The key to being happy is to be really really good at something. People will pay less attention to you being shorter than average and more onto whatever it is you are really good at. In my case that's the guitar and my job!


Stop caring about what people think and live life for you!