Tall men who don't try

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Height Shaming
Tall men who don't try
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I want to make it clear I don't mind loosing to men who have worked for their achievements. If a guy who has put more work in, is more qualified, funnier, takes more risks gets the girl/job/promotion/more respect than me; fair enough. I am not going to be pretend to be a saint and say I don't envy such men but when a man earns something on merit, it is just. To beat them or match them I just have to work harder, take more risks myself.

However they is a category of man who winds me up no-end, I will illustrate with an example. Guy at work who has a rich parents who sent him to an expensive school, he didn't work, so failed his exams. He ended up a a second rate uni and failed there as will. This guy has had every advantage in life and has done nothing with it. He does make up for that with charm, any talents outside work, he is a complete mediocrity. Yet he has a knockout stunning girlfriend. This doesn't make sense till you discover he is 6'2" and that is all that seems to matter.

Another guy ended up with equally stunning women and once again he has done nothing to deserve it. He has a low status job, with no prospects. He is not exceptionally smart or funny, he doesn't even workout. The guy is 30 years old and looks middle aged. It doesn't matter, he is 6' 4" and thanks to that, he can cruise though life on the easy setting.

I find these men so frustrating because I know I am better than them. In every field of life I beat them. I have a better job than them, I went to a better uni, am more qualified and have more talent than they do. I am also in far better shape but none of that matters because they are above the magic 6' mark they beat me without even having to do a thing.

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Re: Tall men who don't try
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This happens with very attractive women as well I noticed. The thing is when people are able to dig below the surface, they're screwed.