Anyone hate being told "be confident"?

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Anyone hate being told "be confident"?
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Confidence comes from previous successes. If you are someone who doesn't have many successes, how are you going to be confident? Why is that people tell short guys who don't do well in dating to "be confident"? For what? Why not just admit that a lot of women are attracted to men they find attractive FIRST, then they look for "confidence"? 

It would make more sense to tell short guys to be amazing at whatever it is that they do. Be the best skier, be amazing at playing the piano, be an amazing student. That type of confidence is reassurance in your strengths, but as a means to attract women? "Be confident"? What the hell does that mean?

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Re: Anyone hate being told "be confident"?
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I get your point, i really do. I've had the same thought many many times.

But let me tell you something.

Around 2 years ago, i got out a dark place, and when i did i was filled with joy and freedom. The only reason i actually got out of that place, was because i i've slept with a few girls during a short period of time.

One day, my friends girlfriend was hosting a grill-night with her girlfriends and i was invited as my friends entertainment.
Altho, that afternoon i was up at a girl that i met on tinder, banged the *bleep* out of her. Immidiately after the 25 min of hammering i left for my friends house. To meet up with him.

I arrived with a completely sweaty T-shirt, joined dinner. And i didnt care for *bleep*.
With 4 girls and me and my bestfriend at the table, i started acting like i owned the whole world. Cuddles a little with his GF. Reaching over the table, acting all independant, Like i was in my own world owning everything.
My confidence was all over the place.

The day after, the hottest girl that i've ever laid eyes on contacted me. Who i started dating. It didnt work out, but at least i got experience and have something to be proud of. My friends are still 2 years after talking about what caliber girl i pulled.

She was around my height. 1-2cm taller than me.
So confidence have much to say, especially when you are below the age of 25.
BUt i get your point, its not easy and i hate that argument when it comes from people that doesnt know *bleep*!

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