Don't Be Lazy

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Don't Be Lazy
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A reminder to all of the short fellows who frequent this forum.

Don't be lazy. If you're young and childless, you should be working 60-75 hour weeks and stacking your money.

Invest your money in the stock market, real estate, your business and in savings.

There are many women in the world who don't care for short men, but when you have assets, you will care much less about this.

Why, because by default you will become pickier. Much pickier, because who you invest in will matter that much more. 

Suddenly, many of the women you were interested in be it for something casual or serious will become far less attractive.

And from there you will be interested in a select few. Your frustrations if any will also begin to disappear or lessen.

Network with professionals. Get to talking. Sharpen your conversational skills. 

Your worth will speak for itself if you can get in front of those who it will matter to.

For those who scoff at you for being under 5'9, fear not. They will matter less to you. And, they too will have their own problems which you will be glad you didn't have to become a part of.

Again, don't be lazy. 

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Re: Don't Be Lazy
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Amen. Single, childless men have no excuse not to work a lot of hours and stack.