How I met the woman of my dreams on POF

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How I met the woman of my dreams on POF
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So this woman kept viewing my profile on POF. She was pure hot and seemed to have great qualities, but her profile said to not message her if you were under 5'10. From what I gather, you cannot tell how many times someone views your profile on POF but if they visit ever so often they will turn up in Viewed Me. 
After the third time, I ignored her height requirement and messaged her. She told me she thought I was handsome. A few back and forths lead to a first date. She is two inches taller than me and did not seem to mind it when we went out to dinner and for a few drinks.  
After the third date, she came back to my place and we watched a few movies on Netflix and laughed for hours. We did not kiss, but after the next date, we went to her apartment and made out. It was like an instant bond and she told me how she felt butterflies in her stomach. The connection was felt by both of us. Ater a few weeks she told me she hadn't felt the way she did about me about anyone else in a very long time.  
I have a feeling this will be one of those relationships that will last a long time and I have never been happier. The lesson here is to sometimes take chances, because if I let what her profile said stop me from messanging her, we wouldn't be as happy as we are today. 

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Re: How I met the woman of my dreams on POF
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Nice story considering a lot of us shorter guys have horror stories when it comes to OLD.

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