Is it possible to be short and attractive?

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Is it possible to be short and attractive?
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All jokes aside I know that in his prime Tom Cruise was considered one of the most handsome people in the world, but that was 30 years ago. Do women throw themselves at short men the same way? I've never experienced that (I'm not that good looking anyway), but do have you ever come across regular people (not celebrities) who are considered and treated as such?

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Re: Is it possible to be short and attractive?
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Let me sound arrogant for a second. I might be what is considered attractive, or at least so i am told countless times. I might not be super hot or be the instagram with 1 million followers. But i have decent facial features and body structure wise aswell.

To put it into perspective, you probably find some women attactive even if they have something that will give you reason to doubt it.
For instance, take Kim Kardashian, many people find her attractive, but her stupid attitude and her low IQ put together with the amount of work she goes through to become this attractive, will leave any reasonable smart guy with the decision that he will never ever be with someone like her.

Havnt you ever heard "Short guys that are attractive is such a waste"?

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