Do you believe that short guys have it better in online dating than what they believe?
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The most right swiped heights on dating profiles for men

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The most right swiped heights on dating profiles for men
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This very interesting articles uncovers some truths many would never have assumed existed. Apparently 5ft6 is one of the most right swiped heights on Tinder. Take a look at this chart from this SUN article:


Most Right Swiped Heights For Men On Tinder | ShortGuyCentral


Dating app reveals most right-swiped heights for men and women – and it’s good news for short people

The most-wanted height for men was actually below the nation's average

LISTING your height on your Tinder bio is deemed a necessity by many users, but according to a new study the demand for measurements may actually be good news for short people.

Despite widely-held beliefs, size doesn't matter to serial swipers both male and female, according to fresh data from leading dating app Badooo.

Article here:


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