We are NOT going to miss out on great women

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We are NOT going to miss out on great women
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Was reading a thread on reddit where a short guy assumes that because he is short, he (and other short guys) are going to miss out on great women. I have to counter this. I know I can be pessimistic at times (judging by my posts), but this idea is ludicrous at best. I am 5'3, shorter than just about everyone I meet, but I've met GREAT women and had GREAT relationships. YES, I have had high number of rejections, probably more than most men, but it's easy (and convenient) to blame this on height.

Last week I was out with my best friends all who were 5'10ish, and I watched them get rejected by woman, after woman, after woman. Some were beautiful, some were hideous. After watching them get rejected and the women wonder off into their circle of friends, I saw many of them laughing and partying it up. I bet many of them had great personalities, but you know what? There are BILLIONS of women on the planet. We're all not going to be Casanovas, but we still can meet great women, we just have to put ourselves out there.


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