Why working out is important especially if you're short

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Why working out is important especially if you're short
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I'm older than most of you on this board, and I can tell you that the first thing a woman usually does to complement me is on my physique. Even if she is not interested in me because of the stigma that follows tall girl short guy couples, I know she is at least checking me out. The women who won't entertain seeing me with them will complement me because they do find me masculine and attractive. They just do not want to bare that cross.


The women who are attracted to me were really attracted to me. Women I knew before when I was skinny took a different approach to me when I put on the mass. I'm not saying that working out will make you suddenly as attractive as a guy who is 6 ft plus if that is what the women you come across are attracted to, but it will show that you care about your temple and that is attractive to many.


Have any of you noticed any change in how women react to you once you put on muscle?

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