Favorite Sneaker?

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Favorite Sneaker?
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As it stands now, I can't get enough of Nike Blazers. The over aesthetic, the jumbo Nike logo, suede toe cap, extended sole and color combinations look amazing and can add some street savviness to a blazer and jean combination. Almost like an "Urban dress casual" if that were a category. 

What say you? Do you have a favorite sneaker? Do you own a sneaker collection? What was your latest purchase?

My latest purchase were these Jumbo Blazer in Habanero red and white.

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Re: Favorite Sneaker?
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Blazers and Blazer SBs are favorites also. Vans are a close second (especially the off-white canvas ones). Diesels (remember those?) are a third. Those can be paired up with anything.

With the exception of Diesels, all have to be mid or high-tops. Just my style. 

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