Tips for women dating a shorter man.

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Tips for women dating a shorter man.
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Looking for a bit of (silly) advice. I just started dating a guy 4 inches shorter than me and I haven't quite mastered the hugging part. I just don't want to make him feel awkward. Should my arms go over the shoulders or try to get under his arms? Usually guys I've dated are my height or taller and my arms end up around my partner's waist...

I feel silly asking - but too awkward at this early stage to ask him directly.

So.... what's the general preference?

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Re: Tips for women dating a shorter man.
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I think you should hug him however you want. If it's your first time dating a guy shorter than you, then I get why you're asking the question, but you two will figure out what works for you. Hug him like you care about him or want to display affection. Obviously since he is short he knows that he won't be able to hug you the way he does someone shorter than himself. 

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